Long Term


Focused on finding quality real estate opportunities that can provide long-term value. 


Photo: Crystal Lake Apartments purchased in March of 2016. We successfully exited the property in October of 2021. 

Plan For



Our job is to put systems in place that make it easy for us to bring in team members that can execute at the high standard we expect. This allows us to create repeatable wins in the business on a daily basis

Market Focus


We believe in investing in markets that provide our investors with protection of capital via acquisition prices that provide strong cash flow from day 1. Through following out systems and adding value we can force the appreciation on these assets to provide outsized returns.

Value Add


We always seek to find investment opportunities that offer value-add opportunities. This allows us to force the appreciation of the properties and provide additional value to our customers and investors. 

Cash Flow


We focus on investing into markets that offer strong cash flow to investors. Not only does this make for a sound long term investment, it protects from downside risk. 






Our vision is simple. To build a portfolio of cash flowing real estate to support a vibrant life for our family and investors.

Multifamily. We focus on buying B class value add multifamily assets in stable markets within the Midwest.

RV Parks and Campgrounds. We are building a portfolio of premium campgrounds and RV parks throughout the US. Our ideal acquisition is a 100 to 200 site aged RV park in need of TLC!

If you are looking to invest with a hands on operator we would love to get an opportunity to get to know you better and have a conversation about your investing goals!


About Us

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Tel: 906.458.8356

Joel began investing in early 2015. His first property was a small 4 unit which he lived in and remodeled himself while working in the corporate world. 

Over the next 3 years, he worked to build a portfolio of 31 units utilizing a series of creative financing structures and putting in a lot of sweat equity. 

In 2019 he formed JFH Capital to allow investors an opportunity to invest passively in his real estate transactions. To date JFH Capital has purchased more than 160 units and has had 5 successful exits with an average increase in asset value of 57%.

In 2021 JFH Capital has expanded its operations to include the acquisitions of RV Parks and Campgrounds throughout the US through the formation of RV Park Fund I. 


Joel is happily married and has two young girls. The family enjoys spending time traveling the country in their RV, at the beautiful beaches in Michigan City, skiing in the winter, and spending lots of time outdoors.


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We love helping others find success. 


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Tel:  906.458.8356

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