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Long Term

A family company building for the next generation, not the next quarter. 


Photo: Our ground-up new construction multifamily project in Three Oaks, MI completing in the fall of 2023. 


Attainable Townhouse Construction

Passive Investing
Made Simple



Housing is one of our core human needs impacting individuals, families, and communities. Our focus is always to improve and maintain these assets to a standard that provides for success measured in decades, not just years. We understand the immense responsibility it means to own and manage such an impactful product.  

Value Add


We always seek to find investment opportunities that offer value-add opportunities. This allows us to force the appreciation of the properties and provide additional value to our customers and investors. This is a buy and work strategy, not a buy and hope strategy. 

RV Parks

Campgrounds and RV resorts are one of the most maluable real estate niches in the market. Given our approach of hands on forced value add this is an ideal asset class for JFH Capital. There is virtually unlimited room to expand and grow these assets given the acreage and property appeal. Add in industry leading cash flow among all real estate classes and that's why RV Park investing is so exciting. 

Cash Flow


We focus on investing into markets that offer strong cash flow to investors. Not only does this make for a sound long-term investment, it protects us from downside risk. Getting the right long-term debt, operating prudently, and staying patient helps create a sustainable winning formula. 



Our vision is simple. To build a portfolio of cash-flowing real estate to support a vibrant life for our family and investors as well as our residents, customers, and communities we invest in.

Multifamily: We have a goal of owning one thousand units within Indiana and Michigan over the next 10 years.

RV Parks and Campgrounds: Providing places for families to create memories and build lasting bonds.  

If you are looking to invest with a hands-on operator, we would love to get an opportunity to get to know you better and have a conversation about your investing goals.


Photo: Warblers Cove campground in Lupton MI. Acquired in December of 2021. 610 acres, over 200 sites, and 4 lakes. 

About Us


Tel: 906.458.8356

With humble beginnings as a hands-on DIY operator, Joel learned the nuances of renovations, management, and execution on a day-to-day basis. Intending to scale to larger assets, Joel began working with partners and passive investors.

Having purchased and managed nearly 250 apartment units and 220 RV sites the JFH team has gained a tremendous amount of experience over the past 10 years. Exits have averaged asset value increases of 57% and consistently hit and exceeded cash flow targets.

As we look forward to the future JFH Capital has expanded its growth model to incorporate efficient townhouse construction utilizing modular manufacturing. The team completed its first project in 2023 and looks forward to announcing a new and exciting project for 2024 and beyond.

Joel is happily married and has three children: Amelia, Maybelle, and Jonathan. The family enjoys spending time traveling the country in their RV, at the beautiful beaches along Lake Michigan, skiing in the winter, spending time outdoors, and tending to their small farm in LaPorte IN. 


Photo: Crystal Lake Apartments in Iron Mountain MI. Purchased in 2016 and successfully exited in 2021. 

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We love helping others find success. 

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LaPorte IN, 46360

Phone:  906.458.8356

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